Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Double Blog

Hello blog lovers.

This is for Tuesday and Wednesday's running.  I was a bit busy yesterday, I didn't manage to write up my blog.  So another double blog today.


Now Tuesdays are usually club nights, but I had a party to go to in the evening, so I handed the reigns over to LittleJ who leader and J.J. who was sweeper.  My run happened in the afternoon.  It was the last one of January!  I failed the 'RED' January challenge, (Run Every Day) I tried my utmost though.  I exercised more days this month than I ever have before.  So I am pleased with that.  I guess I could always try 'RED' February! 

I had the pooch with me and he was keen to get out for a little run about.  I thought I might drive to Normans park and do two laps around the park, but then getting him back home, in my car, all muddy! Nah!  I decided to to run around the two little parks near me, that should work out about 2 miles.  And really, two miles is all I was feeling!

Eventually I dragged us both out of the door, after all it was the last day of January.  I didn't run on the first day, and I have missed a few other days, the least I could do is end it with a run.  I ran to the path that leads to turnaround lamppost.  Little Dexter was pulling me along, he was really keen on his run.  As soon as we got to the path I let him off his leash!  He just loves sniffing around, see who's been around, who's new on the block!  At least now I could run at my pace, and not be pulled along by him.

It was fairly quiet with just one or two dog walkers about so Deci wasn't to distracted when we go the to the first park.  I ran all the way the edge, it was soaking!  We were splashing our way around the edge.  Little Deci was getting muddier and muddier!  I am glad I didn't go with the Norman Park plan!  It would have been wet and muddy there too!  There was only one other dog in the first field, and Little Deci just said his usual 'hello' and then he came running back to me!  I think he is learning!

I ran back to the gate and down the path.  I was taking him into the next park!  When I turned left on the the path I was greeted by little Jessie, a little black curly fluffy dog.  She is just the sweetest thing and Dexter just loves her.  So we had a little rest, well I did while Dexter ran with Jessie.  There was also some other dogs, puppy dogs, Huskies.  They were adorable, and of course Dexter had to play with them too.  I eventually got him to follow me and we continued around the edge of the second field.  It was slow going for me, I was feeling a little tired!  

I got to the other side of the field and the lady with Huskies was there, she was finishing her walk.  She stopped me and we chatted, of course I like to do a little bit of recruiting when it comes to my running.  She said she had done the Dublin marathon ages ago but hadn't done anything since!  So I mentioned about our beginners course which starts on Saturday 4th March.  We continued with our run and completed it.  Nothing spectacular, but at least it was a run! With some walking........and some chatting!  But still better than sitting in doors eating and drinking crap stuff!  All though Dexter would love to do that too!

So my Geeky stats for my non club Tuesday run.

Wicked Wednesday

Why wicked, well if you could see the look in Tracy's eyes, then you will understand.  Yes, it's whipping Tracy's pace into line again.  I decided that we would be running through Jubilee park this time.  Get away from the two laps that we do and try an out and back.  J.J. was with us as well, so we started our run from down the bottom of Hazelmere Road!  That will be a great warm up for us for when we get to the park.  

We ran up the road, it's only a short, not to steep incline, all the way to Little Thrift, we had a little break at the top and then ran nice and steady to the steps.  As we were still warming we continued to run along the path to the steps over the bridge.  I had decided to do two steps at a time, I asked the girls to do it too!  I think even more daggers were thrown at me from Tracy!  But she ran up the stairs which was good.  For health and safety reasons we walked down the other side and then continued to run to the park.

Now the speedy intervals.  I knew that having long speedy sections would be of no good to us here, it was going to be short ones, but as many as I can fit in till we get to Bickley Manor Hotel.  Tracy is not going to like least, not while we are doing it!  Afterwards she will be pleased with herself and feel good that she has done it.  I know getting out of the comfort zone is the hardest thing to do!  Whether it's for half a mile, or a mile or even a marathon.  To keep pushing yourself to be faster, to go further, it's hard!  There is no way to sugar coat it!  I have noticed that I have been finding it extremely hard to get myself out of my comfort zone, especially on my solo runs.  I can do it on track, I can push myself that little bit harder on track, even though I still fail to do that last loop!  I know I am getting better, slowly!  It's like my weight!  I lose some then gain a little bit, then lose it again!  It's most frustrating!  But I haven't stopped trying!  That's what we all need!  So just having that desire in ourselves to keep on trying and we will keep on trying!  It's still blimmin hard though! 

Tracy did feel good after, there was even a smile when we got back on to the bridge.  But, we still had to do the the rest of the run back to our start!  We covered just under two and half miles, slightly more than we would have done if we were at Normans Park.  So now rest day, well, after tomorrow.  Tomorrow is double day!  Also, have you noticed, 1st day of February, double day tomorrow, That's three activities in 2 days......hmmmm!

Geeky stats

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