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Park Run - Last one For Me This Year!

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Thats, right, you heard it, I am finished with parkrun.......just until next year of course.  I am wanting to do my 50th parkrun around the 14th January......just so that I am fully over the New Year and Christmas festivities!  But todays parkrun was a great one!

I picked up Tracy, I was running a little late! She was already waiting outside for me, probably hoping that I wouldn't turn up.  The weather wasn't inspiring at all!  In fact the only thing that was inspiring was the fact that it's Tim "The Old Scrote" 200th parkrun and he is bringing the most delicious looking cake baked by Tim's Mrs. Here, look at this!

Anyway, not that I was only running for cake......who am I kidding......cake is one of the reasons I run!  I just love the stuff!  Anyway with that on my mind, and a promise from the Old Scrote him self, a piece of that cake will be at the end of my parkrun today!  Tracy was going to have to run on her own, cake is all I am running for today!

Because we were a little late we had to run from one side of the park to the other, just like last week actually!  Which I hadn't even blogged about!  Naggy Neighbour did the same to me a couple of weeks ago, she drove to parkrun but she had booked her car into the garage for its MOT, which meant we had to run from Chatterton Road to Normans park........the other end of Normans park!  Because we were running a bit late then too! She had me running all the way!  Boy was I knackered!   Anyway, I had Tracy doing the same  nice warm up jogging to the beginning!  We had about 5 minutes before we started off!  Not bad really, at least we didn't have to wait around and cold on this misty morning, before we started our running.

The 1, 2, 3, go, was given and we all surged forward, Tracy had Kay to run around with her, so she wouldn't be alone, Michael and Carole were there too, They are just so fit these days, their parkrun times are just incredible, considering they only started running from our first beginners course this year, back in March, well!  What can I say!  Brilliant!  Anyway, there was me, in the middle of this group of wonderful people, thats the parkrunners, as well as Carole & Michael, and Tracy and Kay!  So there was me, or is it I, well, grammar is not my fortay, as you already know, I was running along, going at a good pace because I was up there with the big boys ands girls!  But I kept it going for just a little while, don't think about the pace, just do it!

Anyway, of course I slowed down a bit after a while, it's what I do, but I still have it in mind that I want to take a few seconds of my fastest time for this year, and indeed take into the new year!  This time I had my Garmin, unlike last week.  By the way, I totally didn't get anyway near my fastest time last week either!  But I carried on running around.  This week I didn't actually talk and run to anyone!  It was just me, I passed a young lady who had hurt her foot and I offered to get her back to a bench, but she had plenty of people to help her.  That was on the first lap, I carried on from there, just me and my thoughts.  I knew Tim 'The Old Scrote' was somewhere in front along with all our PWR's that turn up to parkrun every week.  It was fancy dress week too, so even if they were in front of me I probably wouldn't have recognised them!

The Crew, I wasn't in the picture, this was either early
or after they all came in! (if latter then I was late then too)

Well as usual I did some walking, but I feel sure I did more runnig!  I feel sure of it!  I was feeling pretty bright this morning, only 1 pint of lager last night and an irish coffee.......after my curry......but I was feeling pretty good, pretty awake.  I was hoping this would be enough to knock a few seconds of my fastest time this year!

The second lap I just concentrated on getting around, no pressure on myself just keep on doing as much as I can. When I got to the long straight I was joined by on if the chaos that comes to track, not that I've been for a few weeks! But he was chatting to me for the rest of the way. Keeping me going. I managed to run to the end of the long straight and done of the shirt but too. I took a walking break. Just a few moments later a young lady cane past me while I was walking, and she said "I was trying to keep up with you, but you run too fast" and then she passed me!  Well, that just sent off signals in my brain!  It was a challenge!  I just had to get back in front of her!

So I stepped up the gear and I ran pass her saying "I'm sorry, but I just had to!@. My pacemaker just laughed at me!! I wish I could remember his name!
I was soon in the last short straight towards the funnel. I didn't stop running. I even had a sprint finish after my nice young pacemaker said "sprint finish?"

I went through the funnel collected my token and then noticed my time!  Darn it. No faster time this week. Just look at my geeky stats below!  But then my results came through on the rank!  Putting me well over a minute faster than my Garmin!  That's not right. I know people usually complain that official results are usually slower than what they have, but this time I am thinking, "no wY, I am going with my geeky stats". Seriously, I have not run faster yet!! That will have to come next year.

My official parkrun time was 37:11 mins. But my Garmin says 38:33 mins. That is my time today

I shall add geeky stats later when my computer has rebooted itself!!

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