Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Its Not My Idea!

Hello blog lovers.
Me, getting my award!

It's not my idea honest, it's not my fault.  It's not my fault that the people who I have chatted during my running, have become addicted to running!  It's not my fault that they have decided to 'upgrade' their 'hanging out trainers' used during the beginner classes, to the top of the range running shoes.  It's not my fault that they scourered the internet in search of races and meets, and start having dreams of running the London Marathon!  Honest, it has nothing to do with me!

I enjoy running, I can feel the benefits of running. Through running I have made some incredible friends, I belong, yes, belong, I like that word! I belong to the bestest club around! But there was a time I can remember when I was running at the back of the group led by Illustrious Leader, and I used to apologise for being at the back......all the time!   I felt bad, but the club members, group 1 members would not allow me to feel like that, they wouldn't even entertain the idea!

In time I gradually got better, I even became a leader, DiscoRich's idea! And I helped out at the beginners courses.  It was during the times, when they had finished, that I noticed that not all of the graduates came along to join our club.  I could see they were struggling and would probably struggle to keep up with us group 1.  But their enthusiasm was all there!  Thats when I happened on the idea of Hero's to Zeros.  Although at the time I didn't have a name for it then, it was just me asking the beginners if they still didn't feel confident then I would still meet up with them at 7, (as that used to be the time we did a couple of the beginners courses)  just to keep on encouraging and to make them feel that they hadn't met the grade!  Let me tell you, anyone who can run park run in 40 minutes or less is no failure in my mind.  The ones who take even longer than that are true triers, their efforts need to be nurtured all the way in!

I suggested the idea, ok, so maybe that bit was my fault, but they came along, and that was it! All the beginners that wanted to keep on trying met up with me an hour earlier than normal club runs, I would take them all out for a couple of miles and then go out with group 1 (still at the back). I decided to call these bunch of ladies and gentlemen Zeros to Heros group. It's not my fault they all enjoyed it, and kept on coming back and then graduating on to group 1 and 2 and even higher groups!  It was all their doing!  Because, little did they know that by coming along at 7 in the evening, they were in fact doing me the hugest favour! I was doing extra miles, getting fitter (hopefully) although the winter 7 o'clock runs were a bit hard, what with cooling down before normal group runs started, but I kept up as best as I could.

Little did all those that met up with during the week, who thought I was actually taking them on 'training' runs to improve their running, they were actually improving mine,  They all were getting me off my ass, out of my house, running along beside them enjoying fresh air, whether it was during the winter, spring or summer. Whether it was rain or sun!  They continued to come out.  They were and are my inspiration! Plus not only that, I was finally at the front of a PWR group run!  Talk about getting big headed!  Yeah, look at me, the old girl!  Of course then I went running in group 1 again and was right back to being at the back.  Thats when I realised, that actually Group 1 pace is my pace, I wouldn't get any faster, and quite frankly I quite like that pace.  And I knew that those in group Hero to Zero could get there too, and be comfortable at that pace,  they just needed a little longer than the 8 weeks that we have of beginners group!

"Because of you I kept on running" they said to me.  And now look at them, all looking totally dapper,  decked out in fancy new running trainers, running trousers talking about PB's, showing off their Christmas presents of the latest running watches!  Running is addictive, maybe on the next beginners course I will have to put a dis-claimer, "Running is addictive, if you continure it can get out of control, it can have a detrimental effect on your wallet"  But then with that I would add, "But you will be richer in friends for life, you will be richer in health benefits for life, you will be richer in achievements for life"

Which brings me nicely to why I have written this!  Yesterday evening, while we were celebrating our win, I was awarded a trophy, my fellow club members had voted me for the 'Members Award!" just a few weeks before hand.  It's an award for someone who deserves recognition, for instance never giving up in adversity, putting others first, or maybe someone who started you running!  There are so many other club members that I could mention that totally amaze me and deserve this award too.  They inspire me!  PhysioMike, CoachHels, Illustrious leader, DiscoRich, SingstarJo and thats just off the top of my head!  Talk about inspiration!  They have kept me going!  Which means that all the people that started running after me in group 0 and 1 is because of them!

But, seriously, getting that award yesterday, which they had to keep secret because I didn't make it to the 'Mid Summer Run and Awards evening', that's all thanks to Nicola, who had to come up with some story on the spot as to why it wasn't be given out!  I was totally gobsmaked! Humbled beyond belief! There were tears, more tears the next day mind, when I didn't have an audience!  And really I still find it........incredible that they found me......little.....slow runner......not exactly to be the first person to receive this award.  Shit, if I had known, I could have written the most longest 'acceptance' speech going!  Probably why it was kept a secret!

So, my fellow PWR's I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, hugs and more hugs to you all.......but don't blame me because you have had to have the latest Garmin ZX89 Turbo Nutter Bastard running watch,  that is all down to your hard work!  You deserve the best that our sport can supply! Including the bestest running club going, with the bestest running friends you can find! Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping me running!

This is my Trophy.  It says PWR Members Award, 2016, Somebody said that I should get my name on it, but really, I am going to leave it like that, because as it was all those members that kept me going, it is ours!

So.  Now comes the run.  It was a mob match, as I said, and as you can probably guess........PWR won!  We won on points and we won on Mob!  Fourth year running I believe ('scuse pun)  The course was just beautiful.  It was around Jubilee Park.  I don't know why I haven't really taken group 1 around this area before.  I will certainly have to 'scout' this out for summer runs.

Group 1 was well represented, with Chris, J.J. Janet, Auriol, Tracey, and I think some others, but they seemed to have found group 2 legs!  It was two laps around a 2.5 m loop through some lovely paths!  It wasn't too muddy, just a couple of slightly 'sticky' muddy bits.  But more or less all country paths, with just a tiny pit on the tarmac paths.  The chat on the Facebook page was all about trail shoes, road shoes and any other shoes that was need to score points for our team.  And again I will say.....Not my idea!

I couldn't believe how well I was running!  I kind of lead group 1, with Illustrious Leader being the sweeper!  By the second lap I was flagging a bit and there was a huge gap between us back runners and the rest of the field.  But we were smiling, we were chatting and we were have the most fabulous time! Just like a normal group 1 run!

This is just some of us in this picture, a great shot with Janet and Tracey in the background.  Now she is one of the people that make me do what I do, to encourage others!  And Tracy S, she  wasn't there this time, but she keeps on trying, and I know she will be back. And Carole!  Wow, her and her hubby Michael are another reason why I keep on doing what I am doing.

But I digress, as usual, but it is all true, those people inspire me also to keep going!  The last marshal was in sight, Zippysherry.......blimey another on my list of inspirational people by the way!  She is just as encouraging and helpful and all the other stuff that people have said about me, plus.....she has the most fastest zippy daughters to boot! So, I spy Zippy and I know it's only about 100 meters or so to the end.  I was in a I wait for the group 1 crew to catch up or do I let the competitiveness over run and just go for it.  Because not only was this a mob match, it was also the first of the clubs grand prix!

So like any good PWR, and something that I hope I have instilled instilled in our beginners, and group 1 if nothing else, this totally healthy instinct for running glory! I went for it!  There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competion! Plus, you can't beat a bit of bling on your mantle piece to show the kids, the hubby and/or anyone else that comes to your house, heck I have even show the postman, and he only gets as far as the doorstep!

So. a great night running, a great celebration afterwards with some great friends.!


  1. Fabulous Donna. And such a very well deserved recipient for the first members award. You are truly inspirational.