Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Club Run

Hello blog runners

Shall I use the cliche's, shall I state the obvious!  Well let me just use this

Phew!  But did that stop us from running, heck no!  We are hardcore!  Winter, spring, summer or autumn, we run all year round!  But I did put a note out to remind everyone to stay well hydrated throughout the day and to bring extra on the run!

I brought some along some water as well, I don't usually like to run holding things in my hands, but I knew I would be needing it.  I am still doing things in readiness for my mother in law's funeral, and my running and cycling have taken a back seat for the past few weeks.  Running in the heat is going to be a challenge, it's been a while since all us Brits have 'complained' it's too hot.  The news is full of London buses with no opening windows or air conditioning!  People have been posting their Iphone pictures of the temperature (as if we didn't know already!)

Only last week we were thinking it was going to be raining on our run, and indeed when we were walking up to enjoy in the celebratory drinks at the Bickley we did feel a few drops of rain, but now this sun is burning down on us at something like 30 degrees Celsius and climbing!  Only the Brits complain 24 hours into a heat wave, we are a nation of whingers! Especially about the weather, it's our favourite pastime!.

So there we were, all jungled formula'd up and ready to do business with the woods in the heat.  I had noticed that there wasn't so many of us today, as a club that is, maybe some have gone on holiday.  But we did have 8 (I think, I forgot to count) of us in group 1!  We ran out of the rec and headed for Poo Ally.  We are going the easy way around the woods, so that's turn right as soon as we are through the ally way and turn right.

We all ran up this bit and I was pretty impressed with everyone!  They all did it, we had a bit of a break and then carried on.  It's fairly flat along this bit, past the wood mans house and then the left path towards the memorial.  When we got close we could see that group 2 and arrived at the sundial so I took my group through there as well! Get a party going on!  They all seemed as they there were enjoying their run too.

We carried on through the woods and then I decided to go on a slightly different path, a slightly challenging down hill path, that needed total concentration, but then it did take along by the little pond.  Just after that it is the challenging hill going up!  We are hard core, even in the summer we try and push ourselves to get fitter.

It was a great run.  All the way down Botany Bay Lane and then up along the railway lines.  It was still a bit sticky underfoot but at least the woods are 98% dry now!  So, after this week the hard work begins again for me to get fitter.  It is a struggle at times, things drag us down, situations make us extremely sad, and just about anything can make us cry at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes chocolate, crisps, beer and everything else seems to be calling out to you.  I am glad I have my running, even if it has only been once a week at the moment.

Hard work, nothing comes easy in this life, just hard work and dedication.  It was great to hear Tracy say today that she enjoyed todays run!  Being a runner is hard work, and that is what you got to love, it's what I love, although recent times I have found it a complete struggle! But I am getting back there!

Ok, enough rambling, here's todays geeky stats.

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