Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Coiled Spring!

Hello blog lovers.

Its been two weeks since my last run, not including this Saturdays parkrun!  It's been an extraordinarily hard two weeks too! An emotional two weeks, a harrowing two weeks.

My mother in law came out of hospital around 3 weeks ago, and from the moment she did between my sister in law and me and 'carers' we cared for her.  From the 25 until the 30th,  both me and my S.I.L. were with her 24 hours a day, we cared for her and stayed with her until her passing.  All of us in one room, supporting each other.

During that time to relieve stress and take me out for a few minutes at a time, ciggies called me, the biscuits and chocolates became a favorite comfort food.  The Old Boy did marvelous bringing over prepared food for us, salads, curry, chips!  Chips arrived on a day of fast for me as I 'bargained' with God!

After her passing I began to realise just how quickly I could go back to pre-running days.  The days of sloth like behaviour, beer and fags, and greedily eating chocolate!  I have no self control of my own, no will power, I need the support of my running club to keep me going.  My running buddies say that I am so good to run with the beginners, doing the beginners course, and all the other bits during the week.  But I don't think they realise that it's them that keep me going!

So, since Thursday I ran parkrun.  I had no idea how I was going to do, but it was just a case of getting out there and doing it!  Naggy Neighbour made sure I was out there, she gave me a lift there.  My other running buddies were there too, J.J., Janet, Wendimoo!  It was good to see them.

I hadn't charged my Garmin for the two weeks and half way around it cut out!  But it didn't matter. I really was just about getting out there.  It was a slow one, very slow.  My lungs had let me know just how much I had abused them!  But doing parkrun did me a world of good.  My time for that was just over 40 minutes, and WendiMoo stayed with me the whole way.

This evening it was club night.  And I picked up my trophy!  Its medal on a plinth, and the inscription says "PWR Members 10k 2016, Group 1 Winner, Donna!"  Now what you think of that!  Ok, so, just as the other trophys, I won it as I was the only group 1 member running!  But you got to be in it, to win it! right!

So for the route this evening.  I asked the girls what the woods were like, and then Illustrious Leader came and said that she is going in the woods, but bypassing the section between Poo Ally and the railway bridge.  so that is what I planned to do.  It does cut off about quater of a mile, but it's fine,  we can make it up by running around the green!

There were 12 of us running, including me as well, a nice big group and a couple new people Mary, Lisa and her hubby Phil.  Well Lisa is a 'returner'  and her hubby Phil is a complete newbie.  Michelle has been selling our club well, and didn't let Lisa off the hook!

We ran along Hazelmere and into Great Thrift where we turned right into Little Thrift, (just love these street names!)  Just by entrance to the woods was group 2.  Illustrious leader was taking a stopping break to brief her runners about all the socials, mob matches and no doubt saftey about running through the woods!  So I took a stopping break as we had just ran up the hill!

I really did feel good doing this run, and I was running quite well!  A bit to well!  I really had to keep checking my Garmin to make sure that I wasn't running to fast!  Which I was!  Especially the last section of the run, as we ran parallel to Opington road.  But they all seemed to be keeping up.  The last section down towards Poo Ally we had the 'initiation fall' as Mary took a tumble!  She said she was fine as the mud was still nice and soft! (there is a good thing to be said about soft mud!) And she carried on running down.

But just as we were making sure Mary was ok Group 2 came running down towards us as well!  We definitely had to make sure we were running!  They must have done the same sort of route, with adding just a little extra bit to make it group 2 route!

It was good to get back to running. I felt like a coiled spring, and I was just springing open, running, not wanting to stop until I had run out of coils!  It was a very much needed club run, and I need to say thank you to all of my friends in Petts Wood runners for their friendship and support!  My lungs felt a lot better this time and I think are starting to forgive me!  Once my holiday out of the way, we have one last service to do for my mother in law, Jean, her funeral on the 22nd July.  Then I will concentrate on getting fitter, and lighter! (again!)

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