Thursday, 14 July 2016

Hello Again Slow Coach!

Hello blog lovers.

Well, my running 'fast' didn't last too long!  But I am not going to beat myself up.  I just think that the sprung coil has fully sprung open again.  So normal pace has been resumed!   I met up with the Thursday group this morning for a lovely run through the woods.  I thought it would be a bit sticky in there still, but I needed to just enjoy the woods, breath in some fresh air!  I knew some of my regular slower runners wouldn't be coming today, and now that we have three groups going out, some of them have moved up to the middle group. So there was just the two of us today. Me and Tracey, another Tracey.  I am so going to have to find nicknames for all these Tracey's!

I really hadn't thought about a route so I was just going to go on one of the usual routes, but avoid the bottom path by between the bridge and Poo Ally.  We set off down the road towards the entrance of the woods, in through Poo Ally and then turned right to go up towards the road.  Yes, I am choosing the easier way around.  Tracey has been away from running for a couple of weeks, so it makes sense really.

The hill was quite challenging!  But I think we ran most of it!  And then we had a walking break!  There were a few puddles that we had to negotiate but not too bad.  We ran at a very leisurely pace along the  path that is parallel with the road.  Today I was feeling like I did on Saturday morning park run!  That first run back after having a couple of weeks of bad habits!  Oh well,  I have forever to get back to fitness and weight loss and stuff!

The paths through the woods were fairly clear with just a few big sticky muddy bits to go through, sometimes we couldn't completely avoid going straight into them.  It wasn't too long before we got to the top of the woods, well when I say that we were actually not as quick as we have been. But it was still just good to be out doing something.  That's what we both agreed.

Goss Hill next, at least we were going down it!  That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it was so nice to be running all the way down, non stop!  We ran along by the river once at the bottom.  The sun was shining down on us, it was really such a lovely day!  These are the days that you think 'Yeah! This is it, fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun, feast your eyes on the glorious sight of the little river, the fields and the trees!  It was the sound of the train that told me our run was nearly over.  We wouldn't be going along the path that follows the train tracks to Poo Ally, we were going to have to go up over the bridge!  Boy did that hurt!  I tried to keep a steady pace going up and over the bridge! And the next bridge!  But I did it, we both did it!

With just the little bit of road work to do to get back to the rec and that was it.  Mind you that bit of road always seems longer on the way back, but, now I have just thought of is!  We had ran from Little Thrift to the rec, and not Poo Ally to the rec!  Now that has made me feel a tad better, maybe I am not as worn out as I thought I was!

Geeky stats

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Core Training.

IllustriousLeader was take the session today, now, how does she say it, "An iron fist in a velvet glove"  It's what she does best, terrifies you but then one you start doing it, it's not so bad! And besides which, Thursdays nights, whether it's at the core and speed sessions or at the track with PhysioMike and CoachHels, it's all about how much you put into it.  As long as you have warmed up properly you can work yourself quite hard, but just don't over do it.

Now you know me, I don't over do the exercise, but I do try to push myself that little bit harder on a Thursday night session, whether it's track or rec!  This evening was no different.  I did all the warm ups and the dynamic stretches, in readiness for the session.

The first running bit was a team thing, not that there is competition of course, but my team won by the way, but we had the inside lane!  It was still pretty close though, we had to take it in turns to run around the cricket pitch, then when we got to the third corner we had to call out to our team mate to start running.  We had two circuits to do and that was it!

After that it was the core training.  Squats, pushups, planks and lunges!  I tried doing the push ups with knees of floor, I got down but then collapsed trying to get up again.  I tried a couple of times but in the end I opted for the knees version and did manage to do a few more!  Something to work on when I am stuck indoors waiting for deliveries!

Just after that it was the relays.  I do love the relays.  this time though we had four to a team.  It seemed a tad harder with four for some reason.  Especially when each of the groups had a faster runner with them!  The baton seemed handed to me way to quickly each time!  But it was great fun.  I tried again to keep a faster pace going than the normal Tuesday night runs.  I feel positive again, still very sad after losing my mother in law, but I feel I will get back to my fitness and lose the weight that I have put on!

After our cool down stretches we said our goodbyes and came home.  I started my Garmin up at the first of the warm up laps, just to keep an eye on my heart rate, just to make sure that I was pushing hard or at least harder than Tuesday nights.

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