Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Club Night - On The Starters Pistol!

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What a lovely evening to go for a run.  Of course it was chilly, we are still in winter after all, but it's not raining or snowing, and there is no frost on the cars, in my mind, that's perfect!  I had good feelings that this run was going to be a good run.

I took them all on a route I had done only once before, but this time I was taking them in the opposite direction!  So it's going to be doubly confusing for me!  I felt pretty sure we will all muddle through if we all work together!  There were a few newbies to group 0 this evening, one coming back from illness, he was with his wife, both of them usually run in group 4/5 and 1, respectively, and also another lady coming back to running, trying to chase down the illusive mojo!

The route, if you have a good imagination (like I obviously seem to have) looks like the starters pistol at a race meet.  I won't tell you what some others have said, but we shall just stick to it being a pistol!  The hill section of this evenings run is at the almost the very beginning of the run, just as we run down Crossways, we turned right on Petts Wood Road and then....run up it!

Compare this to the original route
and to that we did tonight!

Not all the way up though, which I think everyone was quite pleased about, but it's still a good warm up if you take it nice and slow and steady, I think it's actually the steepest part of Petts Wood Road, but shhhhh, don't say anything.  There is no racing off in this group, so whoever got to the top first had a bit of a breather!  We took the first right turn and then the next right turn.  This is where it's all still new to me, I am not sure of these streets, and considering the last time we did this route I was running in the opposite direction it does look all a bit different! I think I did pretty well to remember that much!

I knew once I got them on to Tudor Way, then it will be all plain sailing..... or running from there!  I still find it incredible that I have become a leader in the best running club around, my sense of direction is not,... well, it's not the best, hardly 'Sat Nav' standard!  And getting my left and right mixed up, always, is a challenge too! I am not sure that DiscoRich thought it necessary to ask if I was good at directions!  If the truth be known I could get lost going around the block!

Without too much difficulty, and with asking for directions (I know, it's a female thing!) we got to Tudor way and made our way under the railway bridge to do the other half of our run.  From here I got them all to do the lamppost to lamppost thing. or at least run 3 lampposts walk 1 lamppost!  Get them to do as well as they can today, give them some confidence for moveup Tuesday next week.

I know one of the group 0's 'jumped' over already to group 1, which is just amazing!  That's what it's all about.  There is a new beginners group started this Saturday, some more amazing people to start their love of running!  My mojo is getting back slowly slowly, still got to find my 'solo mojo!'  I know it's in there somewhere, but for now I am just over the moon that I have my club that I can run with, it's them that are keeping me running!

We finished of this evenings run with a choice of directions.  We can still stick to the plan, which is the pistol shape, or we can take the shorter route, or longer route.  We actually settled on an intermediate route!  You got to love this club!  We cater for everyone!

So geeky stats for you, and I have drawn on a picture of the original route, just to show you what I was, but with the slight detour, it's gone a bit weird

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