Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Last Beginners Week at the Rec 2018

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On Saturday it was week 8 of the beginners spring course of 2018 the final week.  We had 21 people at the rec, all looking pretty amazed at what they have achieved.  There are still some others who couldn't make it for the last session in the park but they will be at Normans Park next Saturday for their graduation!  I unfortunately won't be.   I say unfortunately as if it's like I have something awful planned, but actually I haven't I am on holiday!  So it's all good really.  But RefMichael and ZippySherry will be there to take them through their paces, do the warm ups, drills and of course all the encouragement, supporting and cheering on!

Last Saturday though was the first time we were only doing 2 reps!  Two lots of 14 minutes running, with a 3 minute walking break!  Just a little taster of what they can do and will do to achieve their goal of running 5k, hopefully non stop, next Saturday!  I just know just by looking at some of these runners, some will run the whole of the parkrun, non stop, with ease, (getting a better time than me!) But then they have youth on their side! And there are others, like me, that like to make it look like we are working hard!  Showboating, let everyone see that it takes a special person to get up on Saturday mornings to go run around the park, that hundreds of thousands do, all over the world!  But, we are exceptional, from all those that are sat on the sofas of the world!

I can't tell you what an absolute pleasure it was been to see yet another group of athletes standing in front of me, all of them with smiles.  RefMichael reminded them that only 8 weeks ago when they first turned up they were worried about running for the whole of 60 seconds! And here they were, running for 14 minutes, non stop, up hill as well!  I was busy flitting between the first road and the top road, just to make sure that no one gets left behind, plus making sure that we all finish at the same time in the park! 

I can't believe that it's all over and done with for another few months!  It's back to parkrun for me on a Saturday,  but this Saturday is all about the graduates, they have all been told about the when they should all be meeting and by the chatter going on the facebook page they are all totally excited about it, and thrilled with themselves.

But now, my running buddies, those of you who have been reading my ramblings, now is when the real hard work begins.  The maintenance!  Keeping it going is the hardest thing, but around here we are lucky, because we have the bestest most inclusive running club around.  With 12 running groups running out on a Tuesday evening, there is a pace to suit everyone!  Not only that, Bromley parkrun is where most PWR's do their Saturday morning running, that and Hobblingwell, a slightly more challenging route! 

A fabulous course this Spring!  And now it's back to parkrun for me till next time, well not this Saturday though as I am off on Holiday! 

This is the Spring Graduation Picture (as I won't be there to get the actual one)

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