Thursday, 14 December 2017

Thursday Run - Somedays Require Chocolate

Hello blog readers.

This morning I got up really looking forward to running.  It was a lovely morning, sun was shining it was what I would love to say!  But still, it was a lovely morning, and to be fair, it could have been a lot colder.  The weather had been pretty horrid and I thought the woods would be just a tad sticky for us, so there would be no going through the woods today.  I was taking my group up the cinder path, it's on tarmac and we can get a good run done, better than tippy toeing in and around the mud!  I needed a run, I've had a week off remember.

I picked up Tracy and we made our way to the rec.  I was just a couple of minutes late, I saw the faster groups run out of the gate, it looked like they were on their way to woods, I was thinking maybe I should change my mind!  In through the gate and I saw my group waiting for me, Paula, Kay and Becks!  I had forgotten she was down this way so it was a lovely surprise to see her.

I started my Garmin and we set off straight away, I didn't change my mind by the way, the Cinder Path is where we were going, you never know, it can still be an adventure in there!  I had layers on, one less than I left the house with, as it was warmer than I thought it was going to be, I left my jacket in the car. Just running along Crossways I started to warm up, I was thinking this run is going to be good, a great temperature to run in, for December!

We crossed over the road, ran down Tudor way and then headed for Shepperton.  Time to get away from the traffic, it may not be the woods, but it does look like it!  Running along with Becky and Paula, Kay and Tracy behind, we splashed through a couple of puddles and kept up a steady pace.  It felt good to be out in the fresh air.

We ran to the end of the path, Paula and Becky started going around the little loop, I waited for Tracy and Kay to catch up and then we went around the other way to meet them.  There was this fantastic 'Deer' on the top of someones porch, it looked magnificent, shining gold in the sunlight!  I am sure it must be a full sized model, I can tell you, we were all totally well jel!

We soon met up with the other two girls who were coming in the opposite direction and we quickly did a U turn and began our run back along the road to the Cinder path.  I was really into the run, just thinking about nothing, just running, I didn't even realise I had passed the little bit of path that avoids the bank, I saw the stables just in front of me and then I realised just how far along the path I had ran.

At the end of the path, well, almost the end of the path, where it divides, we waited for the other two, well I don't want to go and lose Tracy again do I! Then we ran back to the rec.  It really was a lovely morning for running, just what I needed.....that and chocolate, which I have just enjoyed while writing this up!

No second run for this evening.......the beef casserole with dumplings ambushed me!

Here's my geeky stats.

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