Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Club Run......And Others!

Hello Blog readers.

I know it's been an absolute age since my last blog till now.  I have been running, honest, but I have also had a week off due to a cold! But first I will talk about this evenings run and then just add some notes and photos of the other ones!

So this evening, after my absence, I wasn't quite sure how I would be, but group 1 is just perfect from people coming back from illness, injury and just about anything, or even just coming along for fun!  To be honest, most of my regular runners are away, or injured or some have even moved on up to the next group! I wasn't even sure if I would have a group 1 this evening. But when it was my turn to describe my route and pace, the only thing I said was "Who here is wanting to run in group 1?"  I was quite surprised to find two lovely ladies, and then also Auriol was going to come and join me, that was four of us. Group 2, once they were gathered together, were also a small group and I thought that it would be great to go along and join them instead!  So the two groups gathered together and we were just about to discuss a route when the group 3 leader Illustrious Leader, came up and wanted to 'borrow' a runner or two for her group, in the end it was group 2 and 3 that amalgamated leaving us 4, me, Auriol, KC and Gemma.

That was fine I had a route, an unused route in mind, one that I hadn't run before or even mapped out.  It included St Georges Road, a road where the residents, I feel, are in competition with one another when it comes to the Christmas lights!  They are just stunning down that road.  Of course I took my group down there, I was thinking all the time about the route that I was going to take, and I also was taking into consideration who was in my group which then dictated the pace as well as the distance! 

We started running, I thought I had started my Garmin, I know, I should blimmin double check! I took them down to the end of Crossways and then over to Willet Way, which is where I found out that I hadn't actually started my Garmin at all! Any that's where St Georges Road leads off from.  I couldn't believe it when we started running down there, the lights on the houses are stunning! What an effort they have all made!  I am glad that I decided to go along this road, this road is deffo going to be part of my Christmas "Woo, woo" run next week!  It was running down this road, well, at the other end of this road, that the satellites found me!  Fortunately KC (well, I am sure that what she said her name was) had her FitBit going so our run was at least going to be recorded from the beginning, but right now, according to Garmin our run started from the other end of St Georges Road.

Now, from this point I was winging it, I wasn't quite sure how far it was between this point b, to point c, and then from point c to our final destination back at the rec.  But it don't matter, we were all running pretty well, a tight group.  So point b (St Georges) we headed for point C Crescent Drive.  And this is the road that I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the run.  This is where I found out about Gemma, one of our fab four. Gemma is an inspiration, in just about 20 weeks she has lost an incredible 7 stone! Seven stone, people!  And now she is here, toning up, getting fitter.  I tell you, I was flabbergasted!  I mean, my gast was truly flabbered!  This young lady was keeping up with us, with no problem after going to the gym the day before, working out!  It's great to see such determination.  It does make you think about your own goals and struggles, as well as the achievements so far.  Just because you have reached your goal, there is no reason to sit back and think "I've done it".  Sometimes after marathons, people kind of relax, some even get the marathon blues!  I know I did after my first marathon.  It's so important that once you reached one goal, then you just go on and make another!  I am glad Gemma decided to take up running after losing all that weight, I think she said that the doctors told her she needed to lose the weight or else......... Now that is scary, she said that she had surgery to help, "cheating" she said, but I think it was a life saving surgery! And now she has the hard work in front of her, to tone up, inside and out!  By the smile on her face I am hoping that the love of running is growing for her!

From Crescent Drive we turned right to run along Southborough Lane going towards Petts Wood.  We were nearly back at the rec, we had done well over our usual group 1 run distance so I decided that we we run down Kingsway to get back to the rec!  A great run this evening, and so much warmer than I thought it would be!  Here is a couple of pictures of us on St Georges Road!

Geeky stats.

The Rest of my running!

The run or actually the walk that I did before this was last Saturday 9th December, I had forgotten to take my Garmin with me, but I didn't plan to run anyway, I was there to support LittleJ do her 100th parkrun, and besides, I was just getting over a cold, so I wasn't feeling good anyway!  But our LittleJ has been told that she mustn't run anymore, but she is determined to still keep up her exercises and is going to continue to do parkruns, even if she has to walk.  And it seems she is getting faster with each walking parkrun that she does!  Fabulous, here is some pictures of that fabulous pictures of that day.

Before that it was Thursday morning run with the usual gang.  A lovely run if I can remember rightly, we all chose to do the extra bit of running down Goss Hill, well, who wouldn't eh, we struggle running up it, and it so feels good running down it, it just has to be done!

Here is a photo of us all, we had one of the faster runners with us too, he was recovering from injury, so was sweeping at the back.

And so I am fairly up to date, well apart from one last blog, but I need to write that up separately, as it's all about the beginners!  So look out for that one!

Until next time blog readers!

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