Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Solo Run

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I got home early and decided I needed a run.  With a weekend of very little running, a little too much drinking on Friday and indulging in  chocolate I really needed to get out.  The wedding is just a couple of days away, I am panicking just a little, "Is everything done, have we done all that we need to do"  I don't want my little girl to miss out on a thing!  She's a good girl and a very good mum.  I am immensly proud of her.  And now soon, very soon, she is going to be a wonderful wife to a very lovely man!  So, no pressure to make sure it goes all as planned! A plan that she herself has done!

I was in the house for only a few minutes before I went upstairs to get changed and out of the house.  It was still light out, but I think it will be dark by the time I get back, it's only 6 o'clock and I am thinking about getting home in the dark!  Where has the summer gone!  I miss the summer already, happy feelings, warm feelings, getting together with friends and family.  That's what I love. Still, time moves on, seasons change.  Maybe I should try and embrace autumn and winter. 

I was running along Farringdon Avenue, thinking about all sorts, getting emotional, stressing, when I heard a 'beep beep'  it was NaggyNeighbour!  I stopped for a few minutes to chat with her, talk about the wedding, saying how my mum would have loved this wedding!  Still, it is what it is, it's going to be a wonderful day watching my little girl say 'I do' to her man!  I carried on up the road feeling a little lighter, but still with thoughts racing through my mind!

I struggled all the way around my 5k this evening but I came back thinking 'At least I did it'  it's no big achievement, but it was a little bit of me time!

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