Thursday, 10 August 2017

Club Run - After The Wilderness!

Hello blog lovers!

Let me tell you, if you don't know already, I had a fabulous weekend of great people, eating, drinking, and dancing along to some brill music, for 3 nights!  I am still feeling totally stuffed still! For goodness sake don't ask me to explain any more than that! I was still pretty tired too, it's not very comfortable at my age, sleeping on camp beds!  I need my huge deep filled, sprung mattress!

So my route today was going to be the easier route, but still with going through the woods for a little bit.  The light is fading fast at night now, and I don't like it!  I love going through the woods!  Anyway, after all us leaders gave out our routes and pacing (Trish by the way is having her debut lead this evening, well done Trish, just blimmin well done!) we walked over to our post to have a count up.  There were 13 of us in group 1 this evening, a nice bakers dozen!  We were last out of the rec today, and we followed a group up the road and I am sure they went into the woods too, but by the time we got there there was no sign!  Must have been the speedsters!  The cyclists were there again, with the lights lighting on, so it's deffo going to be dark in the woods soon, I think the cyclists will be pleased by then because we don't go in the woods when it's dark but they still do!

We went in through poo ally and just waited for everyone to be in the woods before we set off on the left path, running right pass the cyclists, who were obviously having a break or planning their route through the woods, taking in all the little jumps and hills that I know trail riders love!  We, however, are just out for a nice easy, flattish route for about 3 miles!  At least I hoped it would work out to 3 miles, because of the weekend I hadn't really planned a route, I was just kind of guessing that it would be around about 3 miles, I only just thought of the route a couple of hours before hand!

Running along there I was struggling myself to see all of the roots, I called "roots!" when ever I saw them so that they all pick their feet up over the roots.  Just maybe 1 or two more runs through here is all that is left now!  I feel quite disappointed really, surely autumn is ages away, why is is getting so dark!?  I only took them to as far as the footbridge and then we went up and over the bridge and then ran to the next one and ran up and over that one.  We can't run any further than Little Thrift as the bridge at the end of the path opposite to where we came out of the woods is no longer there!  Apparently the railways will have it back by November this year!  Hmmm, we'll see!

I had told the group that it was a flattish run, I had forgotten about the little undulation up to Petts Wood Memorial Hall!  Ahhh, it's fine, we are tough, we can do this.  So we started running all the way up to the hall, with a smile of course, although I was sure that Tracy was throwing a few daggers at my back!  When I turned to look back at them, all running up "What happened to the flattish route?" Still it's all character building, isn't it!

Then it was just the usual flat part of the route, around Crestview and back to the main road.  We crossed over there but my group was in two parts, so I sent the front runners around the little triangle until the others caught up.  On our winter route, or I should say darker days route, we usually run all the way to Shepperton road and then run down it to the end.  But because we did the little extra in the woods we were not going to go that way.  I sent the front runners to run along to Shepperton, and they could either wait there or run back, do some loop backs. I was glad that I had stopped at Shepperton because J.J. and Auriol said that they would have gone running down that way!

Once we were all together we continued all together to the main road and then we split into the two groups again,  J.J. and Auriol will run with Tracy, the fast ones ran with me until we got to Crossways, then they the could go at a faster pace to rec.

A great run, with some great people!  Love my running club!

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